Upgrading my motherboard - what are your suggestions?


I am interested in upgrading my desktop computer which current uses an ASUS M4A785-M and Phenom X2 B55 unlocked to an x4. I can stick with the processor for a while since but I would like a new motherboard, since it's what is really limiting my system right now.

The primary purpose of this computer is gaming and work with digital art and I need a lot of RAM for the latter.

Basically, here are my requirements.

-Ability to unlock cores so I can continue to use my X2 as an X4
-RAM must be DDR3
-Preferably 2 PCIe x16 slots
-Preferably AM3+
-Ideally around the 100$ range, 150 tops.

The following motherboards are on my shortlist. They meet most of my specifications, but I am unsure about them having all my requirements.

What I am mostly concerned with is the ability of these motherboards to unlock the dormant cores on my X2 since I really want to be able to keep using it as a quad core. Would any of you have suggestions?
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    With this you can unlock AMD cpu's , i heard people who have unlocked AMD 960T in 5 or six core.
  2. That is a sweet looking motherboard, and for only 90 bucks it's a great buy. Thanks!
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