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Hey all,

I just got my 3 monitor eyefinity setup working the other day and Ive been wondering if anyone knows of a way I can setup a screensaver to automatically turn on after a specified time, but only on the monitors that I havnt been using. Because usually I will just have itunes and hardware monitoring gadgets on my right monitor while I use all other applications on my middle and left monitors. Sometimes I wont change what the right monitor is showing for several hours (which would likely cause burn in if I left it on), so if I havnt used the monitor in the past 5 or 10 mins I will usually just turn it off until i need to use it. But this pretty much defeats the purpose of using multiple monitors.

So does anyone know of a way I can setup screen savers to turn on only on monitors that the Im not using at the time?
eg. if my mouse doesnt move onto my right monitor for several minutes then the screensaver will start running only on that monitor.


Note: I dont have my monitors grouped in CCC so each monitor still acts as a seperate monitor.
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  1. Yea I never found a solution to this problem so thatd be great :)
  2. Well I bought another computer which meant I had to split up the monitors, so I currently use two monitors in extended mode.
  3. Nah I upgraded. I use the new system for gaming and the older system is more for family use. Will be buying another monitor in the near future though so I can have one system with 3 monitors and the other with a single monitor.

    No I havnt really spent that much time looking to be honest. Obviously I'd prefer software thats free but if it costs but does the job well then I may be open to buying it :)
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