Cannot use "mklink" on default libraries...?


So I've had my PC setup with an SSD for a while. It's just an Intel X25M 80GB so of course I need to try and save space where possible.

Since the beginning, I've already gone into the Library properties and changed their default save locations to a Documents/Pictures/Videos/Music folder created on my HDDs, and I was able to use mklink for the Downloads folder.

The problem I'm having is that some programs do not adhere to my settings. I'd much rather just use mklinks for this reason, but I simply cannot create one for the My Documents and other default library folders inside my Users folder. It seems like the folder cannot be deleted, as that is what the error tells me is happening.

I know for certain that Battlefield 3 and Skyrim both save to the default C:Users\(me)\My Documents\My Games folder, regardless of how I have it setup in my Library options. There's also a few other programs, there's an Adobe folder in there and maybe another 1 or 2. I also find it really strange about Skyrim, because that game is on Steam and every other Steam game I own saves to the proper location D:\My Documents\My Games\...

So the short version of all that, is whether it is possible to actually delete the My Documents folder from C:\Users\(me)\ and create an mklink, or is it just impossible and I'll have to create individual mklinks for all the stupid programs that keep using that location?
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  1. Are you using symbolic or hard links?
  2. Junctions, but this isn't an issue anymore for me. Worked around it.
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