Why my RAM cannot working optimally

i have install new RAM for my laptop...
i use acer 4520 with original RAM 512MB..then,i bought a new 1GB RAM and i install it on my own...then, my computer still does not working more faster..i check at the system information..then, it show like this...RAM:1.5GB(512MBusable)...what does it means...then i try to remove the 512MB ram and let only the 1GB RAm in my laptop...when i checked nack at the info,it still shows the same..whay does it means...
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  1. Could you post your system specifcations?
  2. First off your onboard graphics will use a good portion of your ram.
    NVIDIA GeForce 7000M integrated 3D graphics with up to 752 MB of TurboCache (256 MB of dedicated system memory, up to 496 MB of shared system memory.
    Also open System config Utility
    boot tab
    advanced options
    uncheck max memory if it's checked
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