(i7) First ever build! Can anybody help confirm my parts list?

Hello, TH forums! I've been wanting to build a new PC for a long time now, and with my games library filling up with games my current PC can't handle (Moder Warfare 2 Loads for literally 5 minutes, then lags on medium settings), I believe it's finally time to build the PC of my dreams.

I can't seem to find a decent Intel Core i7 powered PC out there for under $1500, and I have to spend as little money as possible. So one night (followed by days and days) of research and after looking up parts on Newegg for hours, I think I finally have a computer that will suite my high-power gaming needs. And as an added bonus, the price of parts before sales tax came out to $1337 (I'm dead serious, I laughed out loud), which is far less than I've seen for a computer of the power level that I intend to achieve (though I'm sure that after tax and the price of an OS, the price will be far less 1337).

I can only live in the glory of HD gaming, however, if the parts I've chosen are actually compatible. I built this list of parts based on research and some computer knowledge, but a single man can only do so much. So, would you guys be kind enough to help me decide if these pieces can work together as an awesome gaming machine?

Without further ado, here's my parts list, plus some links to Newegg so you can see the details:


Motherboard: EVGA 131-GT-E767-TR


CPU: Intel Core i7-2600 (I'm not really interested in overclocking, so I think the locked version is fine... right?)


RAM: G.SKILL DDR3 1600 Triple Channel (3 x 2GB)


GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 768mb (two running in SLI, both manufactured by Galaxy)


HDD: Hitachi 2TB HDD, 64mb cache, 7200 RPM


PSU: Thermaltake TR-800P




Case: XCLIO Windtunnel (my main reason for choosing this case is to fit in the two large GPUs, and I also like the 2 large fans on the side)


OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit (I didn't bother including a link, I'm sure you know about Windows. However, it would be nice to know: which version of 7 is best for gaming? Home Premium? Professional? Ultimate?)


Well, I thank you for helping me out! I'm very grateful. After all, I've spent the last three days calling my local computer shop only to have the punk kid who runs the counter say "if you buy an asus motherboard and an nvidia graphics card, then get the right drivers you can't go wrong". I'd love some real advice, because if I followed the local computer store logic, this will be a soul-deadening 8 months of trial and error (and I've already been waiting on an ASUS laptop RMA for literally 4 months now).
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    That cpu won't work with that mobo and RAM you chose. Here's an idea of something in your price range...although without your monitors screen resolution I can't really say... And btw seeing how this is a gaming build, skip the 2600K for the 2500K. $99.98 FREE SHIPPING
    COOLER MASTER HAF 922 RC-922M-KKN1-GP Black Steel + Plastic and Mesh Bezel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case Combo Price: $174.98
    Antec EarthWatts EA750 750W Continuous Power ATX12V version 2.3 SLI Certified CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC ...
    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit 1-Pack for System Builders - OEM $152.99
    ASRock P67 Extreme4 LGA 1155 Intel P67 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard Combo Price: $238.98
    Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz (3.7GHz Turbo Boost) LGA 1155 95W Quad-Core Desktop Processor BX80623I52500K
    COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus RR-B10-212P-G1 "Heatpipe Direct Contact" Long Life Sleeve 120mm CPU Cooler Compatible Intel ... $84.99 FREE SHIPPING $15 off w/ promo code EMCKJHE44, ends 1/31
    G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) Desktop Memory Model F3-10666CL9D-8GBXL $59.99 FREE SHIPPING
    SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive $19.99
    ASUS Black 24X DVD+R 8X DVD+RW 12X DVD+R DL 24X DVD-R 6X DVD-RW 12X DVD-RAM 16X DVD-ROM 48X CD-R 32X CD-RW 48X CD-ROM 2MB Cache SATA 24X DVD Burner - Bulk - OEM $349.99 FREE SHIPPING
    EVGA 012-P3-1570-AR GeForce GTX 570 (Fermi) 1280MB 320-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card

    Total: $1,181.89 *not including shipping, rebates, promo codes, etc...

    *Here's an SSD worth checking out imo. $229.99 - $209.99 after mail-in rebate card FREE SHIPPING
    OCZ Vertex 2 OCZSSD2-2VTXE120G 2.5" 120GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) $4.99 FREE SHIPPING
    Rosewill RX-C200P 2.5" SSD / HDD Plastic Mounting Kit for 3.5" Drive Bay
  2. Wow, you're one freaking thrifty guy. I didn't manage to get close to 1300 bucks for the juice that this build could put out.

    Thanks for the advice. This machine you've got here intrigues me, it looks like you dialed back the processor power a smidge (at least, I think you did, I'm still green as grass) and threw the graphics up a couple of notches. Is this gonna be any different than the PC I dreamed up?

    So, will there be any noticeable difference in load times between the HDD i chose and the one you chose? And will using an i5 instead of an i7 have any affect on my load times and/or ingame framerate?

    Honestly, I just want a PC that can do HD graphics (I like to max out games, but I don't really care about anialising, and I cap games @ 30fps to eliminate tearing, so 30+fps doesn't tend to matter for me). I'd also really like it if I didn't have to do a lot of waiting for loading, but I'd find it hard to complain if I'm maxing out graphics for the next 2 years.

    By the way, my resolution peaks at 1920x1080. I know the great PCs of legendary strength can go higher, but my monitor is like 20something inches wide, so I don't need any more than that.
  3. For gaming the 2500K is the way to go. The only game I know of that utilizes hyper threading is FSX. To be honest I would drop those 560's for a gtx 570. That drops the price of that build I posted by $150 and you can always add another on later on for SLI if you feel the need. The 570 blows away the 560...especially with your resolution. That h/d I posted is a good one sans the reason it gets posted on this forum so much for builds. And for it's's a steal. A SSD will quicken up your load times. I'l edit that build up above with a gtx 570 and a SSD.
  4. Ok, so i7 is just a waste if I'm only going to be playing games (I do some photoshop/premier, but not enough to justify building a PC around it). Any particular reason why the 2500k is best? Once again, I stress my noobishness.

    Also, I kind of had my heart set on SLI, but does it really make that much of a difference? What's the fps increase tend to be? Logic would have me thing 2x cards means 2xfps, but I have the sneaking suspicion that's not right. If its only something like 20fps, then I can just suck it up and lower my AA and Anistropic filtering and just be happy with saving $70 on GPUs.
  5. Well, I looked over the specs of the i7 and the i5, and I think you're right. There's very little gained between the expensive i5 and the cheap i7, so it looks like I'll build my PC from an i5 standpoint.

    I'm still up in the air about a GPU. I almost feel like the extra 50 bucks that I would spend on two GTX 460s running SLI would give me more bang for my buck than 1 GTX 570, but then again I don't really know. I'll probably need to spend some more time researching. But just so we're clear: in your opinion, would the single 570 outperform two 460s?
  6. Rule of thumb is; "one good card for now, and when you feel the need to upgrade...get another one." So gtx 570 for now...and later on down the road if you feel like you need more FPS...pick another one up for SLI.
  7. It makes sense too because by the time you actually need that FPS the price of the GTX 570 will have most certainly dropped significantly, and grabbing a second one to SLI wont be as big a hit to your wallet.
  8. Well, that certainly is good advice. The way it looks, the only thing that can truly max out this build are games that are poorly optimized, such as Crysis, or games with ridiculous graphical features, like Metro, and even then these games will run on more-than-decent settings. Otherwise I think this build will play just about anything, and I can look into SLI when the newer, more demanding games hit the shelves.

    Well, I think I'm gonna just copy down your parts list verbatim and tweak from there, because honestly it looks like a great setup for the price.

    Thanks for all the help, guys, especially Why_Me!

    I'll be seeing you around the forums.
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