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Can anyone help me!

I have a windows 7 intel computer. It has an intel core 2 Quad core cpu overclocked to 2.7 ghz. I have 2 gb or ddr2 800mhz ram overclocked to 900mhz. I have an Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT 256MB GDDR4 HDTV/Dual DVI (PCI-Express) graphics card and a 7200 rpm 1tb hdd.

I have a very limited budget to try and make this computer suitable for HD video editing in adobe premiere pro cs4.
At the moment adobe will import the footage but it is all jerky and stuttering. Even in the sourse monitor. The audio usually goes alright buy the footage gets left behind. I thought a quad core cpu would be enough to solve this problem but evedently not.

Does anyone have any experience in this matter who can help me.

Upgrade thoughts are another 4 gigs of RAM to bring my system up to 6gb!
possible a veliciraptor hdd 10,000 rpm
and any thoughts on a cheap graphics card that will do what i want.

I would rather not get into setting up a raid system unless anyone can clearly explain to me how to do that and how that will help. My com does support RAID i just dont fully understand it. Iv read however its good for HD editing.

Would aprretiate any suggestions here. But nothing too much money. No more than 70 quid for a graphics card mainly.
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  1. Stuttering may not be processor related. With 2GB RAM I suspect your system does not have enough for video editing. You can get some idea of that by using Task Manager (or whatever Windows now uses) to report on RAM usage. If it is starting to use more swap when you edit video, then you don't have enough RAM.

    Do you have 64 bit versions of Windows and Adobe cs4? They would definitely have access to all 6GB of RAM. I'm not sure if 32 bit versions will take as much advantage of that. A secondary benefit of more RAM is that any not used by applications will be used by Windows for disk buffer and improve disk throughput w/out spending more on a drive.
  2. I have a 64 bit copy of windows 7 but i think premiere pro is only 32 bit. my machine can defainatley usilize the 6gb ram so i think that should help. I just dont know if that will make enough of an improvement to be able to edit the HD footage.

    And when i start vid editing my ram usage goes up to almost the full 2gb and it would probs go up too more but its limiting it so the system doesn't crash :(
  3. I think the RAM will have the biggest impact. I'm not sure if a 32 bit app can take advantage of all of that. At worst it may be limited to as little as 2GB, but at least it wouldn't have to share that with Windows. At best, it will use the full 32 bit address space => 4GB. if Adobe doesn't effectively use the extra RAM, then the next step would be to contact Adobe about an upgrade. There's a page on Adobe's website that has a table showing how much RAM used for usable combinations 32/64 bit combinations: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/404/kb404901.html
  4. Thanks thats very helpfull. So i can use 3 gb leaving 4 for other things thats cool cause i rarely use adobe on it own i usually have other stuff open too. Might begetting the 64 bit cs5 also.

    Adsvice about graphics card?
  5. pie3195 said:
    Adsvice about graphics card?
    Hopefully someone else will help with that. I don't know enough to give you bad advice WRT video cards. For my needs, the on-board video is enough.
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