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Gts 250 [No Signal problem]

Hi guys , I just bought a gts 250 1gb ddr3 core edition today . i installed it in my intel dg31p3 mother board replacing my old nvidia 9400gt . When i started the computer the monitor displayed no signal always . I have a 450 w Psu . I need help from the community to fix the problem so pls help.

System Specs

Intel core 2 duo e7400 2.8ghz
3gb ddr2 ram
450 w Psu
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  1. Did you plug in the power cords well ?
    make sure, its seated properly.
  2. What model and brand of psu that you have?
  3. The psu is odyssey 450 w
  4. Moniter display No signal , after inserting the new gts 250 card . But when i insert the old one the monitor works.The psu has been connected correctly and Still monitor displays no new gts
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    What are the specs of the unit, I could look them up but there is a lesson to be learned ;) A low quality unit always under performs the sticker. I wouldn't be surprised that your unit may be a 300-350w unit from China. Take a look on youtube about these units blowing up.
  6. i found the problem i think its the Dvi to Vga Converter . if i use this on my old card its also not working . so im gonna buy new one in 2 hours and ill post here whether its working or not. And ya psu is a low quality 450w and if it works im gonna change it in one week to cosair
  7. OK that is a good move, if it works then you are good but if not then see if you have the option of testing it in another system to rule out a few things. However if it doesn't post then you have a bad card.
  8. Guys the problem is that monitor is not accepting and so can any one tell a way to enable Dvi in monitor using bios or another way . Im using a view sonic monitor. i just need to enable the Dvi so pls help.
  9. Plug only the dvi cable, remove vga-
  10. my monitor dosent have dvi so i think its not reading dvi signals so i called for their support
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