Can the slots of rams in the motherboard be replaced

anyone who can help I put rams in the slots while the pc working so sth went wrong I think the slots because iput a ram that works and when i switch on there is the sound of rams not working
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  1. You can't repair board slots. You'll have to just use the leftover good slots until you can afford another board. No telling what damage you did when installing ram while the board was running.
  2. ok thanks
  3. Maybe you just shorted out the RAM modules and didn't short out the Slot?
    Since you tried to shove them in when the rig was on.
    Try the RAM modules in another PC if possible and remember to take out the other PC's existing RAM, see if your RAM shows up in the BIOS of the other PC as it ought to be.
    Then you can try a new or good RAM module in your rig and see if it posts and shows up in the BIOS.
    If it does, then you're good to go with the whole set in your rig itself.
    Just this time make sure you don't shove stuff in or pull out stuff while the rigs are on and working.
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