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I have a Dell Precision 450 workstation with dual 2.8 Xeon processors. How can I determine what my current motherboard is, and if it will allow me to upgrade to dual 3.06 Xeon CPU's, or the dual3.6 xeon CPU's.
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  1. Download AIDA64, CPU-Z or Speccy.
  2. I have a Dell Precision 450 myself
    I started with the Xeon Prestonia 3.06 FSB533 512kb L2
    I then swapped in Xeon Prestonia 3.2 FSB533 1mb L2 with no problems

    Just FYI
    I had a SCSI card with Cheetah 10k,two DVD-rw's,two IDE,Nvdia 7600GS 256mb and creative audigy using the stock Dell 360w original to tower
    Dell PSUs are great - made by Fortron
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