Whats a good graphics card for me?

Im looking for a good graphics card, but im so indecisive and need some suggestions on which graphics card to buy. i have a list, but maybe someone might know of something even better with these requirements:

needs less than 350 W. I would replace the psu, but i would rather not
PCI 2.0 x 16 (is 2.1 backwards compatible with 2.0? if so, a graphics card with 2.1 would be ok)
1 hdmi
preferably: 1 div + 1 vga
< $100
at least 1920 x 1080 pixels
can run SC2. for some reason, my current graphics card runs out of memory after a few minutes of running SC2
heatsink preferable to fan, but doesnt really matter
dont care about crossfire/sli

my computer:
mobo: p5q pro
cpu: Q6600 @ 3.33GHz
ram: ocz gold 4 gb
hdd: seagate 1.5tb
os: xp sp3
gpu: ASUS EAH4350 Radeon HD 4350 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121287

cards i found:

which would you suggest? any other suggestions?
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  1. How many amps are on your +12v rail(s)?

    Otherwise I'd go for an HD5670 and overclock it. An HD5750 draws closer to 75watts of power, which you might also be able to use.
  2. don't bother with anything lower than a gt240 or 4670. a 5670 is probably your best bet, and can usually be found for around 80 dollars. it's the best performing low wattage card(it doesn't need to be plugged directly into the power supply). the 9800gt is a bit faster, but also consumes more power, so you'd be taking a bit of a risk using it. same goes for the gt450, which is stronger still than the 9800gt(and if you're looking at the gt450 than you should also look at the 5750), but also consumes a bit more power. the improvements offered by 9800gt over the 5670 probably arn't noticeable in real life, but the gt450 and 5750 could make a difference, especially at your resolution.
    5670s are usually perfect for 300w psus, so you might be okay with the gt450 or 5750 on a 350, but it is a gamble.
    it also depends on what type of psu you have and how old it is. if it's some random brand that nobody's ever heard of, than i wouldn't risk anything more than the 5670
  3. Thanks guys! I picked a gt240. i'll get around to buying it eventually

    my psu is called ISO-450, and i have no idea how to read the data sheet from http://pages.sbcglobal.net/adunlap/psudatasheet.html :
    ISO 450/450P 0.2-20A 0.5-32A 0-0.3A 0-2A 0.2-16A 0-0.5A 0.05 1 6 No/Yes
  4. Bx you're better off getting an HD5670. It's better than the GT240.

    malmental the GTS450 would need more wattage than his +12v can supply..it's only rated at 16a.
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