My machine is stuck in "Pointsec...laoding operating system" How can I fix this?
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  1. If you have the disk for your operating system, boot from your cd drive with the recovery disk in than remove the piontsec software if you do not need it. From what i am told, "The primary problem seemed to be associated with drivers that load "after" a certain point in the boot/startup process but hardware was trying to use them before pointsec was finished booting. Two cases we have run into were PCMCIA SmartCard readers and docking stations. We could simply remove the Card readers and/or docking stations and the boot process would continue or we would reboot. After the boot process we could insert the removed hardware and all was well." Also some people have fixed it by disabling their usb ports on start up. This way pointsec does not take control of the usb drives during the bootup process.

    For more options or advice check here
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