Random BCOD problem

I have received various blue screens running windows 7 x64 bit with code 7f and had various random freezes during operation that did not result in a blue screen.

When the computer froze, at times the LED’s would go out on the keyboard. I noticed that when the LED’s went out, I noticed that the computer indeed was frozen as the time did not change after minutes passed.

Just today the computer crashed and either the motherboard speaker or the video card speaker turned on and didn't shut off until I turned off the computer.

Lately, I have been receiving less blue screens, the computer just locks up and the speakers produce such a hideous noise! Ouch!

I have had the computer crash during a reinstall of windows and have had it crash many times while running windows- playing music, playing a game, surfing the web, and just by looking at it...

The problem could not be discovered by troubleshooting the following ways:
• 5-6 Hours of Memory Stress Test (No Errors)
• 2-3 Hours of CPU Stress Test (No Errors)
• 2 Hours of GPU Stress Test (No Errors)
• Monitoring CPU and Motherboard temperatures
• Assuring that there is no overclocking
• Reinstalling the operating system
• Remounting all devices: RAM, CPU, Graphics Card
• Updated BIOS
• RMA'ing the motherboard

My System Information:
• P7P55D-E Pro Motherboard
• Intel i7 860 CPU
• 2x2 GB Kingston KHX1600C9AD3K2 DDR3 RAM
• NVIDIA 8800 GTS 640MB Graphics Card
• 3 SATA Hard Drives, 2 of which in Raid 0
• 1 DVD-RW Drive via PATA
• 5 Fans (including cpu fan) every fan connection on the board is used
• PC Power and Cooling S75QB 750W PSU
• 3 connected USB Devices to USB 2.0
• Windows 7 64bit

Any suggestions? I'm not sure which direction to go in now and I'm unsure which device it could possibly be. I feel as though it could still be any of them. Thanks for your help ahead of time!
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  1. I do realize it is bsod not bcod as i stated in the forum topic...
  2. Another interesting note: the motherboard sets my memory to 1333MHz and 1.5V by default and my memory is supposed to run at 1600MHz and 1.65V. When I set the memory to is suggested settings the system crashes more than when it is set to the motherboard default settings. I have tested the memory on the 1600MHz and 1.65V and had no problems over a 3 hour test using memtest86.
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