Upgrade to GeForce 210 from 6150LE?

OK. So I have a HP Pavillion m7750n Media Center PC (Desktop), with the default NVIDIA GeForce 6150LE integrated graphics card and an A8M2N-LA (NodusM3) motherboard. My power supply is the stock 300-Watt power supply:

I was thinking of upgrading to the GeForce 210 video card:


And my question is, will my PC and power supply support this card without a power supply or motherboard upgrade, and will I see a difference going to the GeForce 210 from the stock 6150LE (Im not a hardcore gamer)? I've done some research as well as used a power supply calculator (http://www.antec.outervision.com/) and it should work, but I need some confirmation. Thanks!
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  1. You'll be just fine, the card doesn't draw much power.

    If you do want to play some games though, try to get more for the same; this HD5550 will perform better than the GT210 and is $5 more ($25 vs $30 AR).
  2. But is the HD5550 compatable with a 300-Watt power supply? And in Canada, it is $84.99 (even though US and Canadian dollar are almost at par =[, which is over 2 times as much as the Geforce 210, even before rebate):
  3. And since I only have 1 PCI Express x16 slot, can I still install the GeForce 210?
  4. If you are not gaming, i think 210 is perfect for you. However, you could check GT 240 for some light gaming, because it's more powerful and it uses a 300W PSU as well. How many amps are there on the 12V rail? If it's 18 or more - the GT 240 is perfect, but it depends on the price and your needs.
  5. Most of today's graphics cards are PCIe 2.0/2.1 x16 and they are backwards compatible with PCIe 1.0/1.1 x16 sockets. The important thing is the x16.
  6. Thanks! So if I'm not a hardcore gamer (sure I'd play Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 once in a while =]), then the GeForce 210is good and compatable?
  7. Not really it pretty much sucks if you need a card take this one.
    It is a Geforce 210 which is $16 after rebate with free shipping!
  8. I'm also considering the Radeon HD 4350, which is around the same price and can run with a 300-Watt power supply. Which one is better and less likely to fail (I want to use card for at least 3 years)?
  9. And if I get the GeForce 210, how much would an overclock to 650 MHz core (from 589 MHz stock) and 700 MHz memory (from 500 MHz) shorten the lifespan of my card? For example, if I want this card to last at least 3 years, is this overclock still okay (with default cooling) or should I not overclock at all?
  10. The Geforce 210 I linked to is an EVGA. They have a 2 year warranty on that card. Overclocking is within their warranty so if it fails you can return it to them. My guess is that it will not have a big change in lifespan but the fan speed may increase. i don't want to make you anxous but those cards are just trash. (sorry) The 4350 has bad performance too. See this link.
    The $16 dollar Geforce 210 is a very good deal and you should grab it.
  11. LOL=) I was the one desprately trying to overclock an GeForce 6150LE integrated graphics card from 425 MHz to 575 MHz. Finally given up and going to buy actual card.
  12. Like I had said, an HD5550 for $30 is your best bet for ANY gaming @$30.
  13. ^ +1 agree.
  14. Quote:
    he can do better than that even with 300-watt psu.
    I'd run the GT240 or the HD5670, I know the HD5670 calls for 400-watt system but it actually used less power than the GT240 which calls for 300-watt system..

    Except for the fact that there are no sub-$35 HD5670's..which he seems to be looking for.
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