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So my evga 260 core 216 died after just short of 2 years. I have already ordered gtx 460 fermi, but my question is, is there any way to tell what went wrong with my 260? I can't rma it to evga as I never registered the thing. My only concern is I don't want to stick a new 460 in my computer and have something happen to it. So, again, is there any way I can tell why my graphics card died? Note: I tried opening it but found the casing impossible to remove, think its glued on.
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  1. Did you notice any artifacts before your GTX260 died?, What were the cards temps like under load? Did you overclock/overvolt the card?

    My advice would be just to monitor the GTX460's temps under load with GPU-Z, make sure the GPU core and memory don't go over 90-100C, and the VRM's over 110C, give the cooler a blast with a can of air every 6 months and if you are going to overclock/overvolt then make sure you keep the temps in check and don't go to crazy with the voltage.

    If your Power Supply is on its way out then it could kill other components in your PC, so just make sure its of good quality and 500W or greater.
  2. Had the card for close to two years and first time I had any problems was recently playing black ops, screen just blacked out to a solid color and I couldn't do anything but reboot. Didn't notice any artifacts before that, but after that point it got worse, less time on before it would black out again till eventually I couldn't even reboot without it failing to work. Not sure whats temps were cause I didn't have anything to check them, but my CPU didn't appear to be overheating if that's any indication. I didn't overclock it, but it may have been factory overclocked, think it was an EVGA superclocked edition. Also, is there a way to check if a case is getting enough airflow? My case has two large front fans, a side fan, but I am concerned that maybe the front dust covers are preventing it from adequate flow.
    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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