Replacement card for my dead 8500GT

Hi all, :hello:

First post after many days of searching and coming up with no answer!

As the title says, my card has came to the end of it's life...i'm now faced with a dilemma on what to replace it with.

After days of searching and reading etc i'm more confused than ever on what i can buy so i thought i should ask for some help before a make a costly mistake! :??:

My power supply is 300w which i have gathered is a big factor on what i can get, replacing my psu is really not an option at the moment.

My pc is mainly used for gaming (left4dead 2, GTA etc) so i would like something that could run those, my 8500gt seemed to do the job pretty well as far i could tell.

My budget would be preferably under £100 (UK) but im open to suggestions for anything slighty over.

I am considering just replacing it with another 8500gt but im wondering if there is anything out there thats could be better?

Any more info you need on my setup etc i will do my best to answer.

Thanks :)
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  1. What about one of these?
  2. I think that could be quite a tight fit inside my case due to it being dual slot....

    By the looks of it my tv card would be pretty much sitting right on top it of it and covering half the fan which probably wouldn't be very good for airflow i'm assuming? :??:
  3. Why can't you just move the TV card to another slot? Bear in mind that I have no idea what motherboard or case you have, all I know is that you wanted a card for around £100.
  4. I could move it up a slot but i don't think it would fit due to there being a PCI slot in the way of it.

    Here is a link to my motherboard, will probably mean more to you than me! ;)
  5. What interface is the TV card? PCIe x1 or PCI?
  6. It is a PCIe x1 i have as far as i know.
  7. With that in the lower slot there should be enough room for a double slot card but it might be a bit close.
  8. Mousemonkey said:
    With that in the lower slot there should be enough room for a double slot card but it might be a bit close.

    Yes i think it would be but it's still a good suggestion and i wil be keeping my eye on it, ty. :)

    do you want to stay with nVidia or go with ATi.?

    I don't mind either one, i'm open to all suggestions.
  9. ^ what he said.
  10. Games like Left 4 Dead 2 are not that demanding, i would say to go with a GT240
  11. So looks like its a choice between the ATi HD5670 and the nVidia GT240.

    The ATi won't blow everything due to it being for 400-watt now will it?! :lol:

    Thanks for all the advice and suggestions, i would never have figured it out on my own!
  12. Thanks for the info i'll have a look around online and see what i can find. I'm assuming the price difference in them won't be much either.

    Can you recommend any decent online stores i can have a look at?
  13. Thanks guys i'll check them out :)
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