DirectX 11 (Vista & SB XSGamer)

Please advise if directx 11 will work on my sound card.
SB X-Fi X-Gamer

Vista 32
Asus P5E
Sparkle 560 Ti
Silverstone OP650

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    Run Dxdiag to determine what version of DX you have and what you're using for sound.
    Your sound drivers may or may not be signed by MS.
    Mine aren't but it doesn't really matter cuz everything works anyways.
    Most games have software based sound anyways.
    So it really doesn't matter plus i've still haven't played a game requiring more then DirectX 9.c.
  2. YES.

    There are NO compatibility issues related to DirectX and sound cards/chips.

    The ONLY issue has to do with getting Alchemy to work for older games to support EAX. Quite frankly it's not worth the effort to even bother with this. Support for Alchemy is very, very poor and they haven't updated the list.

    The only game that absolutely wouldn't run properly without Alchemy was Max Payne. Not only was there considerable audio issues but no audio in the cutscenes. ("Mass Effect #1" also says it supports EAX. Do NOT attempt to enable it. It's either working properly without Alchemy or simply not supported.)

    Max Payne solution:
    0) ensure "Alchemy" is installed and open it. Alchemy may be installed already through your software. If not get the latest version through the link for YOUR audio card.

    1) add "Max Payne" (I had to change to "Max Payne (steam)" because it said "Max Payne" was on the list even though it wasn't. Probably a steam conflict.)

    2) use game path of this and adjust as needed (yours may be C:\Program files...\max payne) but it's very unlikely to be the same as the one below:
    E:\Steam\steamapps\common\max payne

    3) add to the list (make sure it's in the right)

    4) enable EAX in the game

    - Get the latest audio drivers.
    - only look into Alchemy if the game has audio issues that enabling EAX through Alchemy may fix
  3. DirectX does not do sound. DirectSound does that and has not been changed in a long time.
  4. i have the XFI-Xtreme gamer i did have an issue with it, when i first put it in it worked great on my win7 ultimate.
    then i reinstalled my system and the system didn't recognize the sound card at all, i tried installing the drivers but still no card showed up. i removed it. installed windows again then 1s it was up and running replaced the card and it worked straight away.
    the next time i reinstalled i left it in and it was fine, it picked it up straight away...

    so just so you know if your system doesn't see it after install, remove it and try again.
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  6. The last update to DirectSound was in DirectX 9c if I remember correctly...
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