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I was watching Tekzilla a few months back and they had on one of the guys from [H]ard|OCP on to talk about water cooling and airflow. He mentioned a few cases from SilverStone that turn the MoBo 90 degrees to allows for maximum airflow since hot air naturally flows up rather than from left to right as most of our PC enclosures try to force it to. They also use 180mm fans which allow for more airflow with less noise (a big plus in my opinion). The enclosures he mentioned were the Fortress Series (link is to the FT01) and the Raven Series (link is to the RV01).

While these cases are very nice, they tend to run on the larger side when it comes to depth. This seems to be because most of them run three of the 180mm fans mentioned above which would immediately puts them over 540mm before any of the other case issues are even considered. While the Fortress series newest entry, the FT03 is a two bottom fan design and comes in at a tiny footprint of 284mm the single integrated external disk drive makes me want to steer clear. The RV03 comes in at 570mm which is smaller than the other 90 degree MoBo enclosures offered by SilverStone, but is still quite large and the case is an eyesore in my opinion.

Are there any other cases out there that utilize this 90 degree MoBo design and/or these larger 180mm fans, but have a smaller footprint? I have been having some trouble with noise and heat from my new i5-2500K system, and am looking for a case to help remedy (key word being help, not expecting it to completely remedy) the issues.
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  1. I am not aware of any other manufacturer besides Silverstone. Your best option would be the Raven 3.. IMO :)
  2. Does anyone know the pros and cons between the Raven series versus the Fortress series since the sizes are not that big of a difference other than the FT03 which I am not interested in?
  3. i'm also curious :o
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