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Hi I have purchased a gtx 460 786mc GC, and I am looking to set up possible liquid cooling to my cpu but also wanted to find out what is the best way to apply cooling to the GPU. I see that the processor is underneath the card and have looked up various card coolers online, some with double fans but each picture showed them on cards without fans or large shrouds like the higher end cards have.

Looking for a couple options to cooling and No I have not had any problems thus far with heat but want to keep things as cool as possible.
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  1. Liquid cooling may be overkill if you are not doing some solid OC or live in an unavoidably hot climate. You will need a GPU block.

  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I play for hours and wanted to make sure to keep things cool as possible. I added a 135mm fan to the side of the case to help pull some heat out. Thanks again for the article link.
  3. With decent fan set up and good case flow you may not need to go to liquid cooling. It is more my personal fear of putting water in my computer! Paranoia aside, good luck with your cooling endeavors.
  4. is there any articles or any views people have on what fans or configurations work best. I have a Atx case, its a HP 6510, with a 500w Power Supply and a Amd athlon II 630 Quad core, and I added the 768mb gtx gc 460 today to upgrade my Gpu. I purchased a 135mm fan that i installed on the side of the case since there arent many places in this small case and the fan is too loud!! Any advice on fans, I am thinking that buying a new case with more room would be my best bet atm.
  5. The Antec 300 is a nice case with good airflow for really cheap. Any of its big brothers are great in the cooling department too. Also, they look really cool! Is the one 135mm fan the only one you can fit in your case? If so, then you should definitely consider a new case.
  6. There is a stock smaller fan in the back bottom area of the case sucking air out of the case and that is the only stock fan in the case besides the cpu fan which i also want to replace soon as it looks very cheap. I dont overclock as I only watch movies and Play WOW atm. The side of the case only has one area for a fan unless i cut a hole in the side. When I installed the larger PSU it make even tighter inside with more cables for my Gpu but it is all braided. I am sure that a new case is the answer to make more room and improve airflow.
  7. I heard somewhere Bigger and slower fans are better at mass cooling and moving air then small and fast. Saying that, i found that out after i had bought a case with a huge 25cm side fan chugging air in. nice bit of luck there for me =D

    A good set up would be Good cable management (i zip tie as much slack in the cables as possible to the back of the case, behind the Cd drive housing (( usualy a cm of space there)) and then make sure there are no cables infront of my mobo/g-card/what ever.) At least one fan on the side sucking cool air in, onto the mobo, a rear fan blowing hot air out, then think about weather you may need a 3rd front fan sucking cool air onto the hard drives (depending on where they are)

    id say 2/3 120mm/12cm case fans, 2 sucking in and 1 at the rear blowing out for best air flow.

    here is a nice cheap case which has good airflow and reviews and what not:
  8. As i understand you are not a hardcore overclocker and specifically for that vga card you dont need water cooling for sure. Buy a decent case with the following setup and you are good to go : 1 rear fan exhaust, 1 front fan intake. I would suggest a 120mm 1300-1500 RPM fan for rear and a silent 120mm 1000-1100 RPM for the front. Always make sure that the front fan produces less cfm than the rear because heat goes up and you dont want to push more air in than it goes out.

    Front fan :

    Rear fan :
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