Where Do I Go From Here?

I wasn't really sure where to post this but here it goes. I kinda need to know what my next step is to upgrading my system. Here are my specs

CPU - Athlon II X4 3.0 (3.4 O.C.)


Ram - G.SKILL 8GB (4 x 2GB) DDR3 1333

PSU - Rosewill Green Series RG530-S12 530W

GPU - ASUS EAH6850 DCDirect Cooling

Monitor - Acer G205HV 1600x900 max

Where can I go from here? I mean in terms of gaming and music production how far behind am I? Or am I right on that fine line of old/new? Thanks for any answers.
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  1. how about an external sound card, as you need perfect sound quality for music production. you have a very nice system, ehat hgave you got for hard drive?
  2. that setup is pretty good. CPU wise you may consider upgrading, but it won't be a big upgrade even if you got the top chip. For better gaming, the cpu is just fine, if your board is xfire-able, get a second 6850 (good choice on the asus, that card is awesome). That would probably require a slightly bigger psu though.
  3. To answer Rajaawad23 this is my HDD
    And if you don't have time to check it out it is a Western Digital 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb
    As for Festerovic I have thought about doing that but would it be wiser to upgrade to a single 6900 series GPU (or Nvidia of the same caliber) or just go x-fire? And if I did go with X-fire how far would I have to go with the PSU upgrade? I believe these babies use about 250w a piece at idle! Thanks!
  4. SSD! SSD! SSD!
    OS boot drive
    will make a noticeable performance difference
    if you OS isnt too big than just use something like Paragon Image Backup
    to clone your os to ssd
    for less than the price of another hd 6850 you would get better performance overall
    CF GPUs are a hassle and only see difference in some games and apps

    A ssd would be performance increase with anything you do

    The HD is the slowest part of your system especially a mechanical

    probably a 128gb would be just right level of performance versus price
    go with Intel or OCZ drives
  5. the HDD is quite good, if you want you can go for xfire but you should be looking atleast 850 watts to ensure no trouble with 2 6850's and will max out any game with your resolutions.
  6. i have a 750watt psu and am doing fine with powering to of the same 6850s. I think I could have had a 650 according to the kill-a-watt.

    ssd will not make games get faster fps. It will decrease load times. It will make the system faster overall, its the slowest part in everyones' pc. As far as audio, it would be expensive to use ssd for working with large files.
  7. Best answer
    factor the cost of a HD6850 plus upgraded psu @ 300 USD
    300 USD can get a pretty decent quality and size SSD if he catches a good deal

    really if he OCs the CPU and GPU how much more FPS does he need?!

    also the OP states music production which if he is doing alot of tracks
    and effects it would help

    also in general system performance in EVERYTHING he does he
    will notice a difference

    Only in 3D applications will he notice a difference with CF
    also factor in possible cost of better cooling and also power usage
    the SSD is just logically the better upgrade

    really read any modern review of SSDs and every reviewer raves about them

    and by the way why would he want to deal with AMD/ATI drivers and Crossfire
    all across the forums people are complaing about performace with CF and current drivers
  8. Would an SSD be just for my OS? Just asking because I have over 300 Gigs of just game files from Steam.
  9. If those are on the OS drive that would be problem
    I dont use Steam so I am not sure how that works file wise
    If those are executable program files which I think those are
    then what I would try is picking a game file you dont really play or like anymore
    and try transferring to either another hard drive or a seperate partition on your main with a different drive letter than C
    it is real easy to make partition in Win7 with shrink/extend
    If you need instructions let me know
    transfer whole game file to secondary partition and create new shortcut from the EXE run file pointing at new partition
    if you click on the shortcut and it works then you know that you could transfer to secondary hard drive (would be the drive you have now with new drive letter)

    If it doesnt than SSD would probably be out of the question
    A 256gb SSD is expensive enough much less one bigger than that
  10. another nice upgrade though not performace wise directly
    would be a bigger higher resolution monitor
    Asus, Samsung, Viewsonic and others make some nice ones as you
    probably know and
    going from 20.5 (?)1600x900 to something like 1920x1200 24 or better
    would be a nice upgrade for total system
    also by having higher res you would take some workload off of CPU
    and use more of the HD6850 power

    also could use your original as secondary display
    which I really like especially for monitoring programs,email programs etc
    which are nice to have up all the time but not take up primary monitor "real estate"
  11. 1. An SSD boot drive is appropriate in a build like this.

    2. Monitor -- move to LED and 1080p or higher.
  12. as king says add a hd monitor i did and it makes a world of difference work load wise. you can just get more done with a bigger desktop, especially when doing multimedia.
    as your into tunes i would plump for a sound card too. make sure you go for 1 that offloads from the cpu as not all do (especially cheaper 1s).

    as fo ssd to boot your o.s it doesn't make that much of a difference especialy if you only get a small 1 in real terms you want 1 with about 300gig for a boot so you can install your apps on it too not just the o.s. or you will have a system that boots fast but is actually no faster when it comes to actual usage.
  13. "as fo ssd to boot your o.s it doesn't make that much of a difference especialy if you only get a small 1 in real terms you want 1 with about 300gig for a boot so you can install your apps on it too not just the o.s. or you will have a system that boots fast but is actually no faster when it comes to actual usage." - HEXit

    while there is some truth to that statement
    and yes having your apps on the SSD is good especially ones that do
    alot of read/writes

    having your actual OS files on the SSD is good too
    remember your OS is doing many,many,many small writes and reads
    constantly so your Explorer will be much snappier

    With all your game files plus other apps plus OS I dont know
    if doing a SSD right now is a great idea
    Performance vs cost factor just isnt there

    While I hope this doesnt happen if you have to do a reinstall of OS due to HD failure
    or viruses then at that time getting a SSD would be a good idea since you have to reinstall anyway
  14. First, steam is awesome. Everything is kept internal to the steam folder. This means you can drag that steam folder around your system all you want, just update the correct location in the short cut and it will load. And because the game files are kept in the steam/apps folder, no problems.

    SSD might be a good idea, more so if your music program uses the disk a lot. I would think it would load things into ram so I'm not sure how much an SSD would help. Check your software. The L3 cache found on a Phenom 2 might make it a better option.
  15. ^+1 4745454b great help
    with being able to move the steam files to your secondary (former os drive)
    you can probably use a 256gb ssd
    just keep music,picture and data files that your not working on the secondary
  16. btw you can set programs to install on other drives by default through windows.
    64GB should be enough for OS, you can spli the drive you have in two partitions one for programs and other for data
    getting phenom with L3 will make a difference specially as you do media editing (4 or 6 cores though)
    a descent sound card for your work
    no need for a larger screen yours is fine but a nice surround or speakers would be great
  17. Thanks to all who posted! I apprectiate all of your inputs! At least now I have an idea of where to go from here! I didn't realize that a bigger rez would take pressure off the CPU load. Great to know! And I am looking into getting an SSD but there so damn expensive! LOL thanks again! Happy trails to you!
  18. Very welcome
    actually if you have Newegg available suscribe to their email mailings
    I have seen some nice weekend deals on SSDs in there
    really for the price of a video card you can
    get a decent ssd
  19. Best answer selected by bigtrev85.
  20. Thank you for selecting me as Best Answer

    Good luck with your upgrades

    And of course if later on after the ssd and monitor
    a second video card in CF would be cool :)
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