Dual GTS 250 VS. GTX 465

I was wondering if dual sli GTS 250's would outperform a GTX 465. I have both currently. A BFG GTS 250 1 GB is currently my Phys-X card. My mobo can support 8x SLI too. I was going to get this card from MicroCenter which is $85 after mail-in-rebate.

I would move my gtx 465 to another pc in my house. I just want the highest performance. Pretend all games support SLI and Phys-X doesn't matter
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  1. If I recall GTS 250 = 9800GTX and GTX 465 = GTX 280 (performance wise).

    SLI 9800GTX was within 5% performance of GTX 280 so I doubt you would notice any improvement. Especially with the GTX 465 + GTS 250 physx setup that you have now.
  2. they will be pretty similar with the gts250 in SLI coming out on top in most games that scale well with SLI. Not enough to justify buying another gts250 IMO. Also GTS250 has no dx11 features. You would be better off selling both cards and upgrading to a gtx470 or better.
  3. Alright thanks and I had a black PCB PNY GTX 465 and last night I decided to unlock it like right after I asked this so now I have a GTX 470 so I'm probably not going to touch the GTS 250 if anything I'd sell it now to get either a better Phys-X card or to dual SLI my GTX 470.
  4. See what kind of o/c you can get, you can pick up to 25% more performance possibly.
  5. i got about a 20% performance increase. It's so nice.
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