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Graphics card delivery


I live in Canada and its late november. I just ordered a GTX 580 graphics card through the mail. Will the freezing temperatures harm the card if it has to sit in an outdoor mail box for a day?


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  1. No. Just let it get to room temp before you install it. It will be fine.
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    Heat will damage cards far before cold does. Processors are brought to past -100c for overclocking.

    Melting snow and ice, however, will damage it. If it was me I'd let the card sit in front of a heater for a couple days just in case ANY water/moisture got into it.

    This assumes crappy packaging though. Nothing bad should happen.
  3. The only cold temps that would physically harm the card while in ship would require it to be exposed to -150c temps and sustain physical shock. So you are good even with the deep freeze :o
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