Xfx hd 5830 with intel board

Processor / CPU: I5 650
Mainboard: Intel media series Whitesburg P55WB
PSU: 550W ATX Power Supply- Huntkey Greenpower
Memory:2GB DDRII-800 (Kingston - KVR800D2N5\2G)
OS: Windows 7 64bit
VGA: current, gt220... wanna put in XFX HD 5830.

OK my problem is as follows:
what happens is with the gigabyte and now xfx cards, i put them in and the screen stays off no signal cable warning the screen does not come on stays black, i can enter bios but cant see anything. Now what i think it might be is either the bios or maybe PSU?? updated bios to latest version, card will still not work, still getting power, but screen still stays blank

Any help would be appreciated.
Many Thanks
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  1. Please help :( really want this card in my pc :(

    Thanks in advance
  2. Try moving the RAM in another slot. Worked whenever my 4870 went on the blink.
  3. nothing working sent the card back though not in the mood for issues.
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