HP dv2000 notebook that will not boot with loud beeping

Hi there.... I regularly use an hp dv2000 notebook and it will not boot after i depleted the battery last night and then tried to reboot with ac power. When i turn it on it emits a terrible loud beeping noise. No LCD screen comes on, just very loud beeping which will not subside unless I pull out the battery and power cord. If I start with only the battery I get the intel screen which has [f] options at yhe bottom but it is frozen here and cpu lights and touch screen pad lights are rhythmically flashing orange the blue.

Is there anything a novice can do to rectify? I tried power hold with no power for recommended 15-30 seconds but no joy...
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    Have you tried to keep the battery in and have it charge inside the computer?

    That loud beep may be the BIOS.
  2. I would reseat the ram
    or just try one stick at a time
    most common cause of beeping on boot is memory issues
  3. I youtubed how to reseat the Ram and took both modules out and reinserted. Now there is no beeping but the lights are still repetitively flashing and high pitched fan that is continuous and black/ blank screen. Any other suggestions ... Besides a hammer;) lol
  4. well on some laptops it is tricky
    but you could remove CMOS battery
    and reset the BIOS

    It is a standard thing to try first
    it clears and resets the computer to default settings
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