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I was given an Acer "ACROS" 325se laptop recently. I would like to power it up, however I don't have the adapter. I have an adapter that may work, it outputs 12v and 5v. But the plugs of course do not match up. On the laptop, there are 4 female pins, around a larger female pin. If someone could tell me the pin out, that would be fantastic.

This thing is old... I've seen newer in a museum...

Thanks for any help.. Todd
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  1. I have no idea where you find an acros 325se. It's not on Acer's UK or US website. Manufacturer would be the best to find the actual ac adapter specifications required. Anyways you can look under your laptop for power info. It'll say something like DC19V 3.42A. Then get something like this.

    You need to match the Voltage and Amps on the laptop to the Voltage and Amps provided by the AC adapter.

    or something like this with Select a Volt
  2. I think Todd needs to know what female pin is positive and what other is negative for use an standard AC adapter with a little brico work.

    Today I've purchased an identical Acer Acros 325SE and I have the same problem. If anyone has some information about this neolithic notebook, please contact in my e-mail:

    Thanks in advance.
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