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Catalyst 10.11 is unstable!

I was running HIS HD 5850 1GB card on ATI Catalyst 10.10 and the system was running fine. I upgraded the drivers to 10.11 and immediately noticed upon the restart that the way Windows 7 welcome screen dissolves and desktop appears have a lot of shake and jitter (more than last time). I have a Samsung P2250 screen and it did the same on the last driver version.

I also noticed that NFS SHIFT game crashed and a few glitches windows 7 restored from and displayed a popup on the taskbar about graphics driver crashing.

I have a i7 860 CPU, P7P55D motherboard, 8GB memory.
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  1. If by jitter you mean, the words you can read are a bit different than usual, that should be quality settings of CCC, try to max them out, and watch out for the AI catalyst.
    Although, that only happened with older versions of ATI catalyst. I have no problems with 10.11 so far, but well, just unninstall and go back to 10.10, no big deal.
  2. I don't have an ongoing jitter. Only when the welcome screen dissolves and desktop screen appears, it is like someone is shaking the picture for that period of time. Then it all stabilizes. But yes, the games have crashed.

    Thinking of going back to 10.10 anyway. I wanted to ask if others have seen any instabilities.
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    I don't play much games, but the ones I do, I haven't had any problems, and no performance increase whatsoever, I don't think you miss much from 10.10 to 10.11
  4. @ just go back to driver that works for you,make sure to run driver sweeper in safe mode and you be golden
  5. Yeah, revert to your older drivers and TADA
  6. Sure...thanks for your inputs. Again the whole point of starting this thread was to know if anyone else is experiencing the same thing happening. I know I can go back to 10.10. So people are not facing any such issues, interesting.

    Thanks for your replies.

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  8. I run a 5770 and had the same issues with the 10.11 drivers. The screen would shake from the log on screen to Win 7 desktop. Also, when I overclock with these drivers, my games would randomly crash. Went back to the 10.10's and have no problems. You'd think that drivers would get better with each release instead of worse.
  9. Hmm, I knew I wasn't the only one.

    Thanks a ton for the reply Sorky...
  10. I was having an issue with the 10.11 on my xfx 4890. I installed them when I got my new card & I was having major Fan problems with my 4890. Stuttering, Revving high and low. I did have some shake in Just cause 2 & I did notice somethign with that game wasnt right..

    I installed 10.10 & I have NOT had a single issue at all with my 4890 fan or anything.
  11. I have a radeon 5770 10.10 drivers were fine... 10.11 are dogs Catalyst Control Centre won't even read my fan speed and has already caused windows 7 64 bit to have a startup failure and recover to an earlier time. When I manually tried to ramp up fan speed the whole screen went black and system locked up every time had to power off and on... Don't get 10.11 they are utter rubbish! Going back to 10.10
  12. Heh, everything works perectly for me, every single driver version since 10.2 and not a single problem, radeon 5850.

    Sometimes I think all the bashing on AMD for it's drivers is just a big big scam.

    I had been using nvidia since the 6600gt but then I had lots of issues with drivers running vista, and decided to go ATi, and man I'm not regretting it.
  13. I personally have used many ATI and nVidia cards and haven't had any issues with drivers for either. This one was the first.
  14. pinaklonkar said:
    I personally have used many ATI and nVidia cards and haven't had any issues with drivers for either. This one was the first.

    I also have the problem, how u solve?
  15. Quote:
    I also have the problem, how u solve?

    Please read the thread! no solution - go back to earlier driver version.
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