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    I own the Asus 23" that was on sale earlier today from newegg.
    There was a $20.00 coupon code earlier that has expired.

    Anyway, it is a great monitor for gaming. I imagine the 24" would perform the same. LED backlighting is not a big deal for a pc monitor. It may consume slightly less power but that is more important for laptops.
  2. The ASUS is better for gaming, if that's what you are planning on. But I do believe there are better options out there, especially with the contrast ratio being 1000:1. I'd most definately keep an eye out, considering that there are going to be tech deals on monday at most stores.

    On a side note, for monitors, size does matter. With bigger screens, you get more productivity. This is why people go with dual monitor displays. Just some helpful information.
  3. I meant that the size difference of .4 inches is negligible. The whole reason that I want a new one is that my 17 inch is somewhat lacking for gaming.
    Thanks for the tips, I'll see what comes up on Monday.
  4. Another vote for ASUS one, faster response time is an advantage here, LED monitor is only give you better a little power consumption...
  5. Well the ASUS deal ran out before I could grab one... I ended up with a 23" dell that was a cyber monday deal. 5ms response, led, but only $150.
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