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Personally, I love my Microsoft Mobile Mouse 3000. The weight and the size feels right for me. Being wireless gives me a lot of freedom with the mouse. No annoying tug. The problem is, I've used up 7 Energizer batteries in this past months. The mouse scroll stopped working too. And lately, it's lagged too. I decided it's time for an upgrade.

So far, I've my eyes on
Logitech G700
RAZER Naga Molten

If there are other mice that qualify, feel free to suggest some. I play WoW most of the time so additional buttons is handy for me. I have a fingertip grip

Also, I'm looking for a good gaming keyboard. I'm currently using the Sidewinder x6. The problem is, it's quite unresponsive at times even at it's default setting. The macros don't work well too.

I've considered
RAZER Black Wired BlackWidow

Same as above, if there are other keyboards that qualify, feel free to suggest some

Total budget for both, $200.
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    well i wouldn't recommend a wireless mouse for gaming. they always seem to run out just at the most inconvenient time.

    the naga is designed for mmo's but there is such a thing as to many buttons and thats a prime example. although its hand feel and accuracy are hard to beat.

    im a fan of the logitech G series of keyboards. i have had my g11 for 2 years now and it looks as good and feels as tight as the day i got it.
    other keyboards in the range have led displays that can be configured to your games which can be useful. i have a m8 with a g15 and 1 with the g19 and both are really happy with em. yes they cost but you do seem to get your moneys worth in build quality.

    as for razor they are more hype than content im afraid.
    there mice are great and second to none.
    but the rest of there stuff is overpriced mid-level stuff. especially ther pro grade mouse mats (trust me you will look at them 1s you have a decent mouse). they are over priced junk. increased accuracey by 37% my ass. maybe if you were using the mouse on a woolen carpet, pfft!!!.
  2. Lol, I'm fine with my $3 mouse pads.

    The g15 looks neat. Unfortunately I can't find any dealers that have it. That leaves me with g510 and g110. I've seen lots of threads recommending the g510 so I think I'll try this one instead.

    My G9X will arrive this Monday. If the macros work out well with the g15, I won't have to buy the Naga.

    edit: my brother wants the g9x so... is it still recommended to go for the Naga?
  3. im not a fan of the g9 mice they have a terrible lift off distance of around 10mm-20mm+ (meaning the distance b4 the mouse stops reading the surface), compare that with my current lachesis which has a lift off of about 3mm,

    i know that doesn't sound like much but if your using high dpi settings it can literally knock you into a spin.

    also you will find your old mats are pretty useless with higher dpi mice as just the weight of your hand on them can cause them to move an inch on screen, due to the give in the mats foam. if you find you need a new mat go for a cheap hard 1 as there just as effective as the more expencive so calle pro grade.
  4. I have a G110 which is identical to the G510 sans a LCD screen.
    Don't need or think a screen is worth $40 more personally.
    I don't play WOW but the best mouse i've ever used is still the Logitech MX-518.
    7+ years old and still works excellent.
  5. I'm leaning towards the G110 now. Right now, I can't even see the top part of my Sidewinder x6 so the G510's screen is useless to me.
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