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Ok so I'm building my first rig which happens to use sli. My question is wether I install 1 card first and get it running with new drivers then add the other, or can I put them both in off the bat. My guess is option 1, but I want some clarification before I screw up. and yes the mobo psu and cards are sli compatible, 2x16, so at least I didn't screw that up yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I apologize if this has been discussed to death. I tried to search. also I am hoping to be able to refer back here if I have any issues as I understand this is the best community resource on this topic.
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  1. Put them both in, install the bridge. Hook up your monitor to the top card and boot it up. Once you install the Nvidia drivers, go to the control panel and enable SLI.
  2. Alright thanks alot. I'm sure I would have installed one then had to uninstall it anyway if i hadn't asked.
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