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GPU for old Compaq

I was wondering if upgrading a Compaq Presario SR2030NX with a 7700GS is worth it.
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  1. I was wondering what GPU I could get for a Compaq Presario SR2030NX that has only a 250W PSU.
  2. I did a good research on your PC and all the available GPU's and I think your best choice would be an ATI RADEON HD 5570 with GDDR5 to be safe. Other cards either consume more power, or are less powerful. If you can't find a GDDR5 version, then go for the GDDR3.

    The more powerful and more power consuming card is 5670, but I would not risk that if I were you.

    The less power consuming and very safe GPU is 5450, but it is less powerfull. Your choice :)
    Is that your PC?

    Well, unless you find a very very cheap 7700GS then you can go for it, but if you can't then better save your money to build a whole new system, since your PC is very old, it's wasting money to spend money to upgrade that system...
  4. ^+1
    For 250W PSU then HD5570 is a good choice, any card higher than that will risky cause low powered PSU.
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    7700GS: Yes or No?
  6. I can't find ANY information on the 7700GS. Could anyone supply me with a link?
  7. Sorry just checked again what the GPU was and it is actually a 7200GS.
  8. Would an HD5570 be a better choice than this?
  9. HD5570 is far away better than 7200GS.
  10. Facedesk <.<

    7600gs -.-

    Come on folks :/

    The 5570 is about as good as it gets for a 250w psu.
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    Yes, it would be a MUCH better choice in terms of performance. Here is what information I have:
    ATI RADEON HD5570 (max TDP 39W)
    ATI RADEON HD5450 (max TDP 19.1)

    The 5570 is much better, but it can use up to 20W more. I think your psu should handle the 5570.
    The 7200GS is nowhere near the 5570. Even the 5450 is better than 7200GS.
  12. Everywhere I look the minimum power requirements for a 5570 is 400+.
    I only have a 250w PSU.
  13. Get the HD 5450 if you want to be safe :)
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