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Ok so in about 3 years i am planning to make a trip to somewhere, and i want to know if i can convert my current desktop into a laptop. Can you please tell me what i'll need, right now my main concern is the power, because i kinda want to use it on the plane/airport. I want to have a sort of battery that can last about 3-6 hours unplugged that will support my computer and my monitor. Right now i have a 250W PSU, does anyone know where i can get a battery that has a 3-6 hour life? thanks, i'll be back tomorrow at 3:30 EST to check back. Oh also, if there's anything else that i need to know about making a desktop into a laptop please tell me. :pt1cable:
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  1. there are laptops that use desktop parts, but most built-as-desktop systems are a bit big to fit in a laptop-sized system.

    Wha I'd suggest is getting a purpose-built laptop close to the time you plan to travel
  2. Wait three years, buy a $200 laptop that will severely out pace your current computer.
  3. Yeah, not gonna work. Even if you could, no TSA agent is gonna let you haul some contraption that you call an Laptop onto any plane. So I guess you better take the train.
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