Upgrading ATI 4830 to 5770

I am considering upgrading my Sapphire ATI 4830 graphics card to a 5770. I am wondering how much of a performance gain I can expect or if it is even worth it. I do some fairly heavy gaming but not super high resolution (1440x900). My 4830 has served me well and it still seems to hold its own against newer games, but if I will see a large improvement with the 5770, I'll pick one up. Thanks!
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  1. for perfromace i say about a 30-40% diffrence..but is it worth it for 140$

    i say go for a GTX460 768MB card for about the same price as a 5770 but faster

    but if you want a 5770 it will play all games at that resolution just fine
  2. An HD5770 for about $120 is a decent upgrade, but you might want to consider saving another $60 and going for an HD6850 or so.
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