Win 98 SE can't see W2K Share Dir

Ok...I have had too little sleep to be able to figure this one out....anyone more awake out there? :)

I have a win98 SE system attempting to connect to a W2K system that has a few shared directories. The problem is, if the share name is longer than 8 characters (sounds like DOS all over again! :)), the share cannot be seen.

Shorten the name....share is available. I seem to remember seeing something like this on technet, but NOW when I go back to find's not there.....again, I am way too tired. ANyway, I can't remember if it was a hotfix or a reg entry or something of the sort.

Anyway, if you guys can remember what the fix is for this, I would be EVER greatful.....

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  1. Still no responses, so I thought I would bump this to the top......

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