Dual Boot From Windows 7 to XP Pinstalling problem

good day guys really need some help here, previously i have Windows 7 installed which i installed it my self 24hours later i decided to install another OS a dual boot with XP (i dont know what im doing) so ive install it normally as i installed Windows 7 with DVD on but different partation location after successfully installed my computer restart the Asus logo pop up after that some long msg "OS Error" at the top left of my screen or something that i keep restarting and trying to find the SafeMode but i dont know how?(it new Motherboard) to go with SafeMode? i know pressing an F8 but instead it takes me to select a Boot menu with DVD-Driver/Hard Disk Driver so i got stuck , so i reinstalled an OS but this time i reformatted the partation where Windows 7 installed so i can installed the XP from there now the installation is finished it restarted again but this time its not error OS msg its just it gives me the blinking " - " DOT from top-left of my my screen..theres nothing i can do on what i know for now but right now im installing back again to Windows 7 hopefully it fixed but still i need your help Windows 7 is very new and good awesome OS not every applications and games can compatible with it thats why i still like XP or possible going Dual Boot of Windows7+XP.. i really appreciate it and Thanks!

heres some of my specs

CPU:E7400 2.8ghz
MOBO: P5KPL-AM SE - it says Windows 7 Ready on the Box but i dont think this is was built only for Windows 7 cause there was a Drivers available for XP/Vista etc..
HDD: 500GB
PSU" 500watts


okay im back to Windows 7 and i realized i can only go with SafeMode if the OS is working ..now my main goal is dual boot from Windows 7 to XP
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  1. I won't repeat what's already been written, so go here to learn how to dual boot XP and W7.
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