I5 2500k vs AMD 6 core

Hi everyone,

I am planning on buying Sandy Bridge (i5 2500k). In comparison with AMD six core, its performance seems to be much better (using benchmarks on AnandTech as a reference and feedbacks from various forums and friends). Would really appreciate if anyone can post their feedback and opinions on the same.
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  1. I would definitely go for a SB i5 2500k because you will have more upgrade options later on.And its a newer architecture that with 32nm architecture it is better at overclocking and better at absorbing and handling information.
  2. And also ivy bridge that will increase performance by 20 percent is stated to be using Sandy Bridge chipsets of h67 and p67 and including z68 chipsets.Hope that clears information for you,
  3. Thanks zulfadhli ... And i do agree with you about Ivy Bridge although I have heard its based on 22nm architecture compared to 32nm SB. Still am more keen on Sandy Bridge
  4. 2500K is a fine CPU for general usage and gaming, and beats out the Thubans by a pretty wide margin, though depending on your usage you might be interested by Z68.

    However, if you can wait longer and/or want AMD, Bulldozer, out around June, could turn out to be something nice.
  5. i5 2500k much better
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