How do I get lsi advanced licence with my asus z8pe-d12x?

I have an asus z8pe-d12x and am using the lsi chipset for my raid, I have 4 4tb drives, and thus can not use the intel due to incompatabilities.
I have a few questions,
First is, how do i get lsi advanced features working, as well as any other features with the lsi raid that will improve performance.

what IS the lsi chip on there, i am guessing since there is intel ich10r, there must be lsi chip, it couldn't be lsi intel.. or is it, and if so, what drivers do i use to get aditional support under windows? will the intel stuff work even though it's under lsi? what drivers can i use for the scsi disks, and the controllers..
does anyone know how to get windows to recignise 4x4tb raid done with the intel raid chipset?
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  1. found your thread because I'm looking for another article by Tom's that has LSI RAID cards. I'm not sure of the LSI chipet on your mobo, but the advanced features are on all software packages but only certain chips can actually use it. I have two LSI RAID cards, 9240-8i and 9260-8i. Software shows that you can click on something to get access to the advanced features, but only the 9260-8i actually can access them.
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