6850 , 6870 , 460 hawk

my cpu is athlon ii x4 635 @ stock

mobo = gigabyte 880gm ud2h

4 gigs ram ddr3

RESOLUTION = 1600x900

wich gpu should i buy for my config ??

i cant cfx nor do i want to overclock , mite do some overclockin after 1,2 yrs wen gpu will giv hiccups on running games.
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  1. Honeslty just get whatever is the cheapest.
  2. 6850 is cheaper @ 12k
    460 hawk @14k
    6870 @ 15k
  3. The cheapest of those cards would be more than enough for your resolution.
  4. HD6850 is more than enough for your resolution (1600x900), you can maxed out most of games with HD6850 at 1600x900. Make sure you have enough power on your PSU...
  5. ya got 550vx
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