P8P67-M Alienware Aurora R2

Im pretty good with computer stuff but I am just getting into the whole switching motherboard thing.
Im looking at swapping my current motherboard with a P8P67-M to upgrade my i3 to an i7 2600K but I want to know if the P67 motherboard will fit in my computer and will everything be able to get hooked up without a problem ?

Thanks !
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  1. not sure what youre asking but YOUR case determines what size mobo will fit, does your current mobo support I-7 models? most mobos that support I-3 should support I-7, i would check that out and just swap cpu, would be cheaper and very easy
  2. no it did not support the i7 2600K when i tried to swap them. thats why I am looking towards getting the P67 as long as it will run properly in my case.
  3. Aurora R2 socket is P55 , R3 is P67 , R1/ALX is 1366.
    Yes. it will 100% fit.
    But, there's a chance your LED and vent , everything in command center won't work.
    u need to find an alternative way to turn on those LED's and Vents instead of relyin on Command Center.
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