My new parts are coming

So tell me what you think of the new pc I'm about to build.

Antec Lanboy Air Blue
P8P67 Deluxe Mobo
Core i7 2600K
Patriot Viper Xtreme Performance 8GB PC3-12800, 1600mhz
OCZ Vertex 2 160gb SSD for operating system(windows 7 64bit), office home and student and call of duty
150gb VelociRaptor for the reason of my games
1TB HD for storage
500GB HD external for back up
2 x 470GTX video cards in SLI obviously.
1000W Cooler Master PSU
MX518 Logitech gaming mouse and Wave keyboard.
Logitech Z-5500 speaker system
H70 water cooler
X-Fi Xtreme gamer sound card

I think thats it.

Tigerdirect said I should get my stuff Thursday or Friday I can't wait.

I actually have half the stuff already just waiting for the rest.
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  1. Sounds decent several things I would've done differently but know huge problems here I'm not gonna nitpick your build apart it should be nice
  2. Yeah it will be a very nice system, I just think that it may have been wiser to ask here before buying. We could put something together to have saved you some money/ spent it in other areas. But all in all it is a very fast build. =]
  3. I already own some of the stuff.

    I own the speakers, water cooler, sound card, 1TB HD, 150 VelociRaptor, Antec Lanboy air case, extrenal HD, 1 GTX470, mouse and keyboard. All this is running in my system I'm just upgrading to the following new stuff.

    i'm only adding the mobo, psu, cpu, 1 gtx470, SSD and Ram.
  4. In my opinion it will be a very solid build. I do have one question though. I am buying the RED Lanboy Air next friday. Do you enjoy the lanboy air case?
  5. theres been a lot of debate about that case, usually in cases you get almost channels of air, because the lanboy is made of mesh, the air is rather turbulant inside the case. many people say this means cool air is pulling heat better but many say the air is getting caught up and not flowing properly, needs a lab test i think.
  6. Yeah...Im getting an H70 water cooler for my CPU and might get a ram cooler in the future. The airflow to me isnt a huge deal. I just like the design. I hate the conventional squares and same look everyone loves so I just want to know how this case feels. Is it sturdy or flimsy feeling?
  7. I carresed one in the MICROCENTER and it fell rather flimsy compared to the HAF-X, DF-85, 800D.
  8. I actually love my Case. it is very cool looking and you can move parts around on it. I have moved the front fans to give nice air flow with the H70 and it is very easy to build with since everything comes off the case. I feel the air flow is good I have more than enough fans making the air flow in the direction I want. I just finished playing Black Ops with my over clocked Q6600 and the temps never went over 47c. I believe that is pretty damn good. I have the Blue case since I like blue and have 7 blue fans in it. I know 7 is over kill but I dont care.

    I think you will love this case. I dont find it flimsy at all once all parts are in it feels very solid and I wouldn't hesitate to move it from place to place.
  9. forgot the IMO, I don't mean to insult this case as I have never built with it just stating my opinions.
  10. nothing wrong with stating your opinion.
  11. Just an update.

    So far I'm loving the system. I'm getting a consistent 91-95 fps in Black Ops. It doesn't move much at all from that range. That's using Black Ops in house FPS utility. Also My boot times are fast. You know when you load drivers or games and it asks you to reboot? You do the old eye roll and think man I hate rebooting it's so time consuming. Well with the SSD and this set up I did the eye roll once and then after that I was like wow that's fast. So now I don't mind a reboot when needed after updates and so on.

    I did some overclocking and ran prime95 for a bit and the system looked good and I was sitting at 4.1ghz. I'm only using Asus AI Suite to overclock since I dont have a bunch of knowledge in manual overclocking. As the 2600K and p8p67 Deluxe are clocked by others I can read up on it more. I can still push the system with the AI Suite and that will satisfy me.

    I did have something goofy happen. I overclocked to 4.3ghz using their program. When it's done it says congrats you OC to 4.3 do you want to keep the settings? So if you hit ok you stay at that ghz. but if you say no it will continue to overclock and run a stability test. As it keeps going it runs the test and I'm going to assume that it will continue until it finds a glitch and then steps back a bit and will ask you if you want to keep the setting again.

    Well I hit no so that it keeps on OCing and this is no lie it kept on going to....hold on to something 9999mhz (9.9ghz) and it showed all cores at 100% load and the temp only hit 53C. I stopped it and canceled because I was worried that something was not working right and I didn't need to fry my new board and cpu. I touched the ram, water-cooler north bridge with my finger and nothing felt hot.

    I can see it now all of you are going your full of Shat. But I did a recording on my blackberry of the program running on my monitor in the 8ghz range and 9ghz range and show the temps.

    I'm going to say that it really wasn't going that high but really don't know. I have never heard of anyone OC'ing to these levels. HAVE YOU? I was trying to post on you tube from my blackberry but for some reason it wont let me.
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