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I have a 5830, I am using the dvi port for my monitor, what I would like to do is use the hdmi port for audio to my receiver, but when I plug it into my gpu my pc says its disconnected, I have tried to remove the drivers and re add them, but that did not work, I saw some things when I googled it, but nothing that matched what I was trying to do, does the two connections cancel each other out? does anyone know of this issue?
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  1. I don't know for sure but does you receiver has a HDMI output?
  2. yeah, but my monitor only has one hdmi in, and thats being used for my ps3
  3. Can you try and see if it works? Also look for a switch on the receiver, the DVI and HDMI outputs should be able to work together.
  4. I don't think you can have them both in,was having audio problems myself (USB/analog 5.1 headset),run driver agent it will tell you if you missing something
  5. So I am running my monitor through my receiver with hdmi, and its got video and audio, but the audio is only on my monitor, which I never even knew it had, lol, I use a optical cable for my ps3, but its working, both hdmi cables are good, picture is great, no audio from my receiver though, hmm
  6. I think you should chsck the receiver's manual and see if you find something.
  7. So basically, you're trying to use the GPU's DVI output for Video, and HDMI output for sound?

    How many HDMI Ins/Outs do you have on your receiver?
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