front panel USB 3.0 header help! Time sensitive.

i just bought an ASUS P8Z68-V LX, and i thought that it had somewhere to plaug in the front panel USB 3.0 header for my case, but now that i get it home i cant find it. could someone help me? does my motherboard have somewhere to plug in the front USB 3.0? im leaving here tmw morning and its my only chance to exchange/return it. thanks very much.

if that one doesnt have one ill return it if i can. does this mobo have one? if so ill just order it online with the other things i need
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  1. It does not have a usb 3.0 header connection.

    Edit: Both don't.
  2. crap. i cant seem to find one that does
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    Those are the cheapest and I only looked at asus and gigabyte z68. You can easily see "USB 3" printed on the mobo next to the connection.

    It also says in the specs, internal I/O connectors.
  4. ah wtf, i searched and filtered z68 and 1155 and those didnt show up for me. crud. are they basically the same as the other ones i posted in terms of the other features?

    EDIT: now that i look at it, the one i just bought has usb 3 printed on it, and an empty space where the header would be on that other model i guess
  5. Both the gigabyte boards support sli, both the asus do not. The xp-ud3 that I linked to only has hdmi onboard. Other than that, they are all about the same.
  6. ok thanks for the help. im fine without sli support. ill go for the asus one you linked. much appreciated
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