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XFX 6850 bios flash still needed?

Hi guys!

I need your help. I recently bought an XFX 6850. I got the cheapest version of 6850 available, since I don't care about cooler and I plan to swap it for Accelero S1 in couple days anyway. In the meanwhile I have set the fan on 20% with CCC, but it is still loud (and hot). My idle temps are 45!!! C, load temps seem to be OK at mid 60-ies.

My other 5750 card used to drop core and memory clocks (to 150/400 or smthing?) when idle (or desktop) and this one drops only core clock from 700 to 400. I heard it was necessary to flash bios for xfx cards, but after I registered with them I get no notification regarding bios. Nothing! Although I am pretty sure that it is the right model. Did they start shipping cards with "right" bios last two weeks or something? Afterburner tells me that my bios version is . I would like to know whether I still need to flash my bios and whether my idle temps are adequate. It seems to be like: bad bios -> not downclocking properly -> high idle temps.

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    AMD cards power saving work with combination of drivers and bios.
    Did you install 10.10 e ?
    Have you not changed anything in CCC ?
    The bios problem, had the card fan speed @70% idle.

    edit : if your running dual monitors , thats as low as it goes, i believe.
  2. Oh, damn. I have ticked the "manual clocks control" box in CCC and forgot about it! I spent two hours trying to figure out bios crap and that was in front of me the whole time. I have unticked it and now the card downclocks properly to 100/300. The temps on idle are 34-35C.

    Thank you!

    P.S. I don't have the fan problem, since I control it with Afterburner, but will getting new bios yield any benefits? Better power consumption, temps?
  3. Everything sounds like you have the new bios already.
    Yes , I've read that cards are coming fixed now.
    So your all set, enjoy and game.
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