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Very poor gtx 580 sli performance in several games

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November 28, 2010 9:27:08 AM

hello all, ive been a guru3d reader for a few years now, love the reviews,

ive been playing unreal tournament 3, and mafia 2, two worlds 2, starcraft 2, and a few others and feel there is something wrong with one or both of my cards due to the seemingly identical performance to my lowly 4870 1gb.

im running nvidia driver set, 263.09
i ran a few runs of 3dmark vantage performance getting a score of 36,6xx 3 times with my processor @ 2.8ghz. i hate using that program tho but will use it again if it can help. guru in his review with these two cards on a 3.75ghz processor achieved 38,xxx ish score on vantage
although it looked horrible on my 27 inch samsung p2770h 1080p monitor, not sure if it does true 60hz or the 59.94 been looking around.

my rig is as follows
asus rampage 3 formula
i7 930 @3.2ghz now w/noctua nh d14 with dual 110cfm scythe kaze'
corsair doms, ddr3 2000 cas 8,,,
strider 1500 psu
asus gtx 580 x2 sli
western digital black 1tb sata 6.0
silverstone ftob2

my main concern is mafia 2, im getting the same performance as people with gtx 470's sli'ed

hardware heavens review shows the gtx 580 getting over 100fps avg with a min fps of 57 with everything cranked and max physx. im getting half that with 2 sli'ed with my cpu @ 3.2ghz
as far as i know im using the latest patch and drivers for everything in my pc.

when i run sli in the benchmark in mafia 2 i get an avg of 33fps with everything maxed.

the game runs better using the second gtx 580 as a dedicated physx card yeilding avg fps of 45fps avg everything maxed, at 1920x1080

i am expecting the performance showed in this link here or atleast ballpark yet in achieving a d rank in the benchmark and getting approximatly a quarter to a third the performance of hardwareheaven in mafia 2,

these results seem logical and realistic compared to other peoples real world performance with scalably lower end systems, 2 gtx 480's 470's etc,

tomorrow morning im going to do yet another format, windows 7 ultimate, and run crysis and some other games but i dont even know what the point is now.

im thinking of getting another 580 so i can use 2 toghether then the third as the dedicated physx card, but dare i throw more money at this dog.

considering the supposed pedigree of this build im nothing short of completely dissapointed.

i have reformated 4 times now, reinstalled drivers, with older driver versions, newer driver versions, same results. more than i can count now.

the sli indicator and physx indicator show everything working accordingly when i run games. ive used literally over 100 different profile settings in the nvidia control panel and that changes my results little to within margins of error.

other games ive played like unreal tournament 3, two worlds 2, run alright, but nowhere near as smooth as when i had my 4870 installed in this rig. after having my radeon in this machine i initially used driver sweeper, but when i noticed the anomalies i did a full format with fresh everything, now 4 times over to no avail.

my gpu tempuratures are all fine never gets above 80c under any max load. gpu's idle between 31c and 37c depending on room temp. says asus smartdoc

the drivers and asus doctor say everything is running fine, getting aa to work properly in certain games has been a pain,

ive had more issues with the nvidia drivers over the past week then i have in 4 years dealing with the catalysts and several ati cards. . .

perhaps my numbers are normal, is my cpu even at 3.2ghz bottlenecking the cards, what is my best coarse of action to finding and resolving this problem. i have very little options when it comes to testing these cards on other rigs,

when i bought these two cards i was dreaming of playing mafia 2 stutter free cranked but have since not been able to get the thing anywhere near close, aa isnt working properly and the frame rate is simply awful. unreal tournament stutters at seemingly any resolution.

ive spent my entire 7 day vacation installing reinstalling, many diff games, drivers, adjusting settings, my pc has its own dedicated wall plug.

im a gamer of 15 years comming off a dual core amd 2.8ghz rig, 3gb ddr2 800, 4870 1gb, with an ide hard drive, and i gotta tell ya this rig aint double that by a long shot, i wish i had my almost 4,000 back and that computer because my vacation has been filled with frustration and im not going to lie ive thought about making a video on youtube of how much i hate intel and nvidia by smashing this thing to bits with my trusty sledge hammer.

how is it possible my radeon 4870 is running games in general more smoothly than my dual gtx 580's, they run slow and dont like applying anti aliasing in games

perhaps one is defective, both maybe?

please help with some sound advice, i know someone here will know what to do.

i know too many proffessional system builders speak soooo highly of nvidia and intel, im hoping i dont have bumb cards. . . . im so stressed and upset at this point i can barely think clearly.

i want my old computer back. . . .

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November 28, 2010 7:29:57 PM

Are you installing windows from the disc? Or from an image backup? I suggest :
1//Installing a fresh copy from the disc then install all windows updates.
2//Update your audio and chipset drivers.
3//Install the latest geforce driver (even if it's a beta) and make sure SLI is enabled.
4//Make sure you disable the vertical sync in game and driver. (Do not change 3D settings at nVIDIA's control panel)
5//Check the GPUs usage in-game by MSI afterburner's OSD, see if they both are used. Also check the clocks, the cards may be throttling and reverting to low clocks for 1 reason or another.
6//Try disabling all power saving features in windows and bios.
7//Update your mobo's bios to the latest. Load Bios defaults regarding the PCI-E.
8//Overclock your CPU for at least 3.6 to keep up with the cards.
9//I did not get your PSU, is it a quality one? link please. A bad PSU can degrade 3D performance.
10/Update your VGA bios (dangerous, make sure you read some guides first)
11/When you copy paste from your 'other' threads at other 'sites'. please remember to remove the name of those sites! ;P

Try those steps, preferably in order, and tell us the result.
November 28, 2010 11:34:23 PM

Brising, do you have Skype or something? I might be able to run some benchmarks on my 580s after work to compare numbers.
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November 28, 2010 11:50:08 PM

hey microterf i do have skype, i can give you my name, or you can give me yours and ill add ya, i am

yeah i do actually have skype, im aghast as to the problems im having, ive been building machines since 1998, built over 50 rigs and never had this type of situation. after checking and adjusting so many settings.

my power supply is a silverstone strider 1500 watt power supply for 4x sli and crossfire. the specs and reviews are done by a few sites, its one of the best psu's money can buy ive been told.

i have tried the stone giant demo and it will not run. period. which is odd.

i also have run msi afterburner which yeilding everything normal exept when in sli mode each gpu never went above 58% usage averaging throughout the benchmark 38% usage, each card is supposedly using 550mb of the availible 1.5gb

when using the second gtx 580 as a dedicated physx card i get 448mb used on each gpu according to msi afterburner. i have never overclocked either of these cards either.

im going to try each card in single mode tonight before i proceed with taking the pc apart and rebuilding it from the beggining. and ill try the two other power cords and slots out of my psu. . . .

in 4 modern games my 4870 is out performing these two atrocities.

if i dont get the problem taken care of by wednesday i think im gonna rma these cards and just get two 6870's and take the difference in cash back.

im gonna try and hang in there, my spirit is crushed by this. . .
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November 29, 2010 12:17:00 AM

OK test each card to start searching for the bottleneck but right now I am thinking that there may be an issue with your board and ram not working to it's potential. What are the timings and clocks on your board? Second load up crystal mark and bench that drive. A slow hard drive can bottleneck the most expensive to the cheapest systems. Once you got that sorted out disable a number of useless features in windows that slow the system down. Last but not least, the benchmark reviews that are often posted online aren't real world half the time representations of how systems perform as they often cheat in many areas. Plus reviews can be very highly bias to either side so keep that in mind.
November 29, 2010 2:28:58 AM

hey bris, my name is microterf on skype, same as on here. Add me and send me a message to let me know who you are.