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hello i just bought a sound card yesterday and i download the correct drivers that came with my purchase and i have already gone to device manager and shows the drivers are valid and working properly,but i get no sound coming out of the rear where the sound card is at.I have an integrated front panel audio that works perfectly but i dont know what im doing wrong.can someone help
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  1. Sound card model? PCI or PCI-Express? Are you connecting to the green port on the back? Check the software that came with the card: there's often a lot of different volume settings which can be causing the sound in the front panel to work despite your card being silent (for example, Front is on and Rear Panel is muted)
  2. sound card pci.i have connected to the green slot.i want to know if the pci slot has to be completly filled because the sound card that i have is a little smaller and fits in but its not completly i said i have installed the drivers and still no sound.
  3. Sound card brand/model? (e.g. Asus Xonar, Creative SB X-Fi, Creative SB Value) Are you absolutely sure it's PCI and not PCI-express? How is it not completely filled - are there a few holes (notches) in the middle or is the card itself shorter than the port? Is the card shown in the Device Manager (not just the drivers)?
  4. Did you change the output device via the Windows Control Panel? If you don't select your soundcard as the output device, it won't output audio.
  5. can you direct me on how to select my soundcard as thevout put device
  6. Control Panel -> Sounds

    This should take you to the screen that lists all output devices; make sure your card is selected as the default.
  7. That's weird, because I never had to do this. Once I install the drivers for my sound cards, they always start outputting sound right away, no change in the output device required. But let's see...
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