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i happen to stumble across a old 2007 used workstation with a xeon quad x5460 3.16ghz 4gb ddr2, win xp pro, nvidia quadro fx 570, 2x 160gb hdd's 10k rpm in raid, whats the market value for an odl workstation tower with these specs worth on the market right now, computer works just fine, just want a good price to sell it fo6
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  1. That is a pretty solid system still and pricing it is going to be tough. The Xeon x5460 is still a very good CPU. DDR2 memory performs just fine, but costs to upgrade today are the same or more than the faster DDR3 (at the moment). Respectable GPU... Dual 10K drives... You sure you don't want to keep it? :-) Your processor alone still demands $350 so I would slap a sticker price of $600 - $700 on it and see what happens. A good target audience would be in the CAD / CAM area where workstations having Xeon processors reign king. Gamers will be looking for a motherboard with GPU (PCIe) options not commonly found on workstation motherboards.

    Good luck with the sale!
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