Asus P6X58D-E build what power suply??

Building box with a Lian LI PC-p50R.
Asus P6X58D-E.
i7 950
12GB DDR3 G.Skills Ripjaw
SSD 2.5" 128 GB Kingston drive for O.S
2X 1TB Seagate hard drive
Running windows 7 64bit

what size PSU should i get?
And any feed back on the build?
Fist one in a while.
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  1. I suggest either and Antec or Seasonic in the 750-850 range. Here is a link to a PSU reviewer who knows power supplies. (
  2. 750-850 for a system with a GTS 450? Unless friedman is planning on adding two more of them then he will be fine with even with a good 500W PSU.
  3. Yeah, even 650 is a bit high. The Antecs are relatively cheap for the quality you get, though. My EA650 was only $70.
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