G41T-AD motherboaerd BIOS Reset

Does anyone know if it's possible to reset the bios on a G41T-AD motherboaerd. I know it's a ECS board made for Acer. The motherboard is in a eMachine EL1850G. I can't find a manual for the board on ECS, Acer or eMackine's website.

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  1. Can u get in the BIOS? If yes, is there something called restore to the factory defaults?

    your manual if u need...
  2. Can u get in the BIOS? - try DEL button
  3. The keyboard flashes once when the power is turned on but no luck with the DEL key. The CAPS & NUM LOCK keys are non-responsive, tried 2 keyboards. No video but there is power to the CPU fan, HD and DVD drive. Is there a reset CMOS jumper/switch on the motherboard?
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