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Hey there,

I need a good computer soundcard, either PCI-E x1 or PCI for my listening pleasure. What can you recommend? For now I will only be outputting stereo sound through Sennheiser PC 350 headphones and a speaker set listed below.

I am looking at getting some decent speakers for multi-purpose use. This means everything from music and movies to gaming etc. They will mainly - almost always - be connected to my computer, on my desk and so they cannot be too big. I am someone who wants solid bass and good audio quality, so I want the best speakers I can get for under $120AUD. Currently I am considering the following:

Sherwood Piccolo 4 (2 speaker set)
Altec Lansing FX3021 2.1,3,shop,computerspeakers
Altec Lansing MX6021 2.1,3,shop,computerspeakers

I am really only considering the first two, the third is only if that is really really good and I should definitely stretch my budget. The thing with the Sherwood speakers is that apparently they are just stand-alone speakers; they need a sperate amplifier. The Altec Lansing FX3021 speakers seem decent, though I do not know if they will really suit me in terms of sound quality.

My father has a Kenwood CM-AX7 system and I really like the sound that comes out of that. I do not know how much they cost but I would like to find out how the speakers I have suggested compare to that.

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  1. Wow...Since everybody hears things differently, picking a set of speakers becomes very subjective. It doesn't matter what I think sounds good, only what YOU think sounds good. Asking for recommendations over the internet based on how certain hardware sounds, is going to be a self defeating endeavor.
  2. I see your point.

    Can anyone recommend a sound card for my headphones then?

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