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Hello , i have old motherboard Fujitsu Siemens D2156-A1 with PCI-E x16 1.0 slot.I bought new Sapphire Radeon 5670 HD GDDR5. This card is for PCI-E x16 2.1 however everyone says that it should work on 1.0 but guess what, it does not.My monitor gets no signal and i hear my dvd drive looping.When i put my Nvidia 8400gs that is PCI-E 2.0 then everything is working fine.I found on internet that i could try updating BIOS in this case or getting newer motherboard.Before i pay another money i decided to first try updating the motherboard BIOS however i can not find it on internet.Any ideas where can i find update for this motherboard? Its fujitsu siemens d2156-ai.
Thank you for any reply.
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  1. Ouch someone lied to you.

    Uhm a BIOS flash won't fix the issue unfortunately. PCI-e is hardware. BIOS update is just a firmware fix, it can not give you support for something that the board just does not have.
  2. Your board does have a PCIe x16 Slots and will support the card since Physically the slots are the same and 2.1 is backwards compatible with 2.0 which are compatible with 1.1 and 1.0a. No fear.
    Of course you'll not get the Max throughput of the PCIe 2.1 Card but with a HD5670 it really doesn't make that much of a difference anyways.
    I was able to find 2 Models with that Name
    The D21xx=>D2156-A1x and
    You'll most probably need to check the revision number and decide which one is for you^25325

    In case this link does not work then
    got to
    Enter : d2156-ai In Product search by Serial-/Identnumber Box
    And press Continue
    You'll get to them... :)

    Yes, and the last BIOS they updated DID work on a PCI issue. That should help you out.
  3. Well novuake said that someone lied to me :P, anyways i am going try and then reply how it all ended.And thank you very much if it will solve the problem i finally can play better games and watch films in HD :P
  4. ok now i got problem it says i need to write it in to floopy disk i think my computer has it however it doesnt recieve power from psu so i will have to connect it and i dont exactly understand what they mean could you give me a little explaination?
  5. Err. why doesn't it receive power from the PSU?
    and do you have a spare 1.44MB Floppy Lying with you.
    Before you try and update the BIOS it is a must to know what version you're already using, that should be seen when the rig boots up at the base of the first screen that shows up after you poweron the rig.
    Hit Pause/Break when that comes on and write it to a piece of paper.
    Secondly, you'll need to open the rig to see if the 4Pin Floppy Power connector is connected to the drive or not. If it's not, that is something you have to connect.
    The Mobo is an Intel Chip-set board, so I'm sending a link you need to read before you start the process.

    And a little more reading to be safe
  6. Bad news.The 4 pin connector was not connected because there is no floopy drive in my computer :/ . However i have USB driver with 1.44mb Floopy can i use this one or am i lost? Ok i am going to read it now :P
  7. ok looks like my current BIOS version is Phoenix Technologies Ltd. 5.00 R!.06 2156.a1 ,8/4/2005 however there are more updates available so how should i install them? Should i just install the last one or each of them?
  8. Read the links that I just posted in the last of my posts, they will guide you thru the whole process of updating the BIOS of the Mobo. I'll be hitting the sack for now, so if you do manage to do it , great, if not, we'll continue in the morning, it's like past midnight here.
  9. okay just last question in version it says 8/4/2005 does it mean 8th of April or 4th of August?
  10. 8th of April
  11. Ok so i tried it.The exe i downloaded extracted data to my floopy.Then i restarted pc, went in to boot sequence and allowed boot from diskette.Then it restarted again i pressed f12 to boot form diskette and nothing happened.Windows just started normally. Can i do this with floopy from USB?
    Maybe thats the problem.Anyways, do u think i can install Pentium D on my motherboard and will be 450W psu enough?
  12. Don't you have a BIOS update utility in the BIOS itself? Remember I just had the update on a USB stick, that my BIOS then located and updated from.
  13. Your rig skipped the floppy while booting since it does not have the sys and msdos file on it, it's not a boot disc.
    You need to first format the floppy using DOS
    C:>Format a:/s/v
    Where 'a' is the Floppy Drive
    's' is to transfer the boot files and 'v' is the label.
    But if you were to search around the site that I mentioned, you'll come across a PDF that says "BIOS Update with USB Memory Stick - D2156-A1x"
    I just downloaded it, go thru it it'll help you out.
    Here is the link to the PDF that gives the way to flash the BIOS using a USB stick on that rig
  14. So u say using USB stick is easier than floopy?
  15. Don't you read links that are posted?
    Read the way to use a USB stick to update your BIOS.
  16. In the manual they say · Select the file “Flash BIOS Update - USB Stick”
    however in this site:

    i can not find any USB Stick Flash BIOS only BIOS update disk or BIOS update for a flash desk
  17. First of all which one is it you're using, when you ask for help and you are helped you need to follow up on is the damn board A1xxx or A2xxx
    So we know where to go on looking....
    And if you can boot into windows, use The desk Flash utility.
    That is a utility to flash the bios from within windows with administrative privileges. It is like 3rd from the top in the list under Windows XP OS Peripherals on that same site on the same page.
    And if you were to go down even further to the Tools and Utilities , under the Application header you'll find a Flash Desk that's from 2008 even later than the last BIOS update of 2006.
  18. Ok i choosed 3rd from top the file is ni format .BUP so what should i do with it now?
  19. Well i downloaded the one from 2008 located in tools and utilities there are many files and also DskFlash.exe file.When i start .exe file i get error message :

    DeskView Client instant is a command line utility which requires setting of parameters.To obtain a list of available parameters , read the DeskView client user manual or execute "DskFlash.exe"
    This is what is written in that manual:

    PacketParam=/qn REBOOT=reallysuppress INSTANT=ON

    Sorry if its annoying when i ask for everything but im not good with computers.Do you know what i am supposed to do now?
  20. Read properly, I said It's called Desk Flash.
    It's in EXE format. Yup, the zipped version
    You'll need to read thru the How to there itself and continue.

    "DeskFlash 6.23 (DeskView Instant - Bios Management 6.23.0117)" this one.
    DeskFlash (DSKFLASH.exe)
    • Update the BIOS
    • Update BIOS settings
    • Archive the BIOS and BIOS settings
    • Update installed processor microcode patches
    Appropriate Bios Update Files (BUP) can be downloaded from Flash-BIOS section of each system
    To run DeskFlash you need to have administrator privileges.
    The BUP file is the Bios Update File which you will need or want to use to update your BIOS, it's actually the BIOS image itself.
  21. Yes this is the one i downloaded. Where can i read how to? In the file i downloaded is some readme?
  22. I pasted what's there in the readme file in the earlier post.
    You can download the PDF from right next to the place where you downloaded the BUP and DeskFlash from.
  23. Sorry but the PDF only shows supported motherboards and no installation guide.
  24. Here's a screen shot of the site and from where you will find the readme or instructions

  25. I know the posts are old's 2016 and i was in the same situation:)
    So...what i did was:
    1) I formatted a USB memory stick as a BOOTABLE STICK using a WIN 98 image !
    Instructions and LINKS HERE
    2) I downloaded ALL FILES from last available BIOS VERSION for my PC (ESPRIMO P 5905)
    LINK HERE (use your model serial number to be sure you get the correct drivers!
    i unzipped also the Compressed Disk files, and added ALL TOGETHER inside the fresh made Bootable Stick!
    3) Now you need to set in BIOS to boot first from the USB Stick!
    (Better print / take a note of the next instructions on a paper or...make a photo on mobile)

    a) Reboot->Go BIOS by pushing F2-> BOOT (menu)->Hard Drive->Enter->Select the USB Stick
    and using the +/- (Numeric keys) put it on top of the boot devices.
    Then go: ESC->ESC->EXIT MENU-> SAVE & EXIT
    b) When PC Restarts, it will automatic Boot and recognize the USB stick and the BIOS UPDATE files on it!
    It will ask you two times to be agree and you should select Y (YES as an answer)

    4) DO NOT INTERRUPT THE BIOS UPDATE PROCESS (will take under 2 min anyway)
    Just get a coffee or cuddle the cat when waiting:P

    5) Ready!:) Your PC is now updated with last BIOS:)

    Took me a full day to figure out what to do since on Fujitsu Instruction/manuals
    there is nothing explained step by step and a lot of forums to read!
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