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Question about gtx460 power connectors

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
November 28, 2010 1:54:45 PM

Just bought myself a Gigabyte gtx460 SOC and encountered a problem during the installation. I knew that 460 needs two 6pin power connectors and have checked my power supply(500w w/ two free 6pin's),then when I put the new card in and found out that the two 6pin's are actually extended from one 6pin like a Y connector or something(as shown on the pics),I connected them to the card and everything looks fine even after 3 straight hours of gameplay,

Now after 2 days of using there hasn't been any signs of instability,but I remember seeing somewhere that gtx460 could run with one 6pin however it's not recommeded and not stable,especially the card I got is factory-oc'ed to 815/4000,but I've also seen ppl saying that they used Y 6pin splitter to make one 6pin to two for their 460

So now my question is whether I should keep this card running in this way or switch to a 6850 which only requires one 6pin...

BTW there's only one free 4pin connector left in my computer case so I can't use 4pin to 6pin converters

My computer is Acer M5811 w/ i7 860/8G/1TB/H57

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

November 28, 2010 2:00:43 PM

It will be fine the way you have it -- The wiring was designed that way by the PSU manufacturer and they used a heavy enough gauge of wire to pull enough of a load on the wire to power both 6 pin connections and I would assume the +12V rail of the PSU is high enough Amperage to provide the 150W max throughput that the card might need from the 2 connectors. --- where people run into problems is when they take a PSU designed for a single 6 pin connection and add a y cable to that to try and run 2 6 pin connection off of a PSU that was not designed for that !