I5 or q9550 in my situation

hello, heres my situation , i upgraded my pc except cpu so now:

gigabyte ep41t-ud3l 1333 775 ,, e6750 2.66 4mb 1333
460gtx msi cyclone ,, 2 x 2gb ddr3 ram 1333
so i now i have these left overs from now and b4 that make a whole pc except cpu
im going to sell left overs + my cpu and get a new cpu im thinking of q9550
but i found out that the i5 760 with its motherboard are almost the same price as q9550
so what should i do:

sell left overs + cpu and get a q9550 (i would have put more of my cash in)
sell left overs + cpu + my new motherboard and old motherboard and get a
i5 with a h55 motherboard 1156

i know its obvious to go for the new tech, but i only use my system for games its like my xbox, i really hate when games stutter or slow down

will i benefit better with the 12 cache on q9550 and thats a high end cpu, or more from lower cache with the i5 760 wich is concidered medium cpu compared with i7, (im not going for i7 its too much)

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  1. I'm not even going to read your post. As soon as I saw i5 or Q9550 I'm going to say i5 all the way. Socket 775 is dead and socket 1156 is gonna be dead soon. 1155 is where you want to be right now.
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